• 15 years of developments were necessary to achieve this teaching program to cover all subjects in Mathematics and Physics intended for middle and high school students from grade 6 up to university preparation.
  • All subjects are presented in an efficient and modern way, exploiting the multimedia, making the courses easy to understand and remember.
  • Take charge completely of the student work through a step by step correction of all exercises/ problems he can type easily on the keyboard; this is an Evalutel world exclusive method.
  • Evalutel reconciles the struggle against academic failure and values the most talented.

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Basic Operations on whole and rational numbers
  OPTICS 2 :
Reflection, refraction, rainbows, mirrors, prisms, lenses...

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Most students entering the 7th grade have a difficult time understanding the basic notions of algebra. In effect, the main difficulty lies in the introduction of the concept of negative numbers ...

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We know that light can be described as both waves and photons. What is more, several optical phenomena can be satisfactorily described with the help of optical geometry, which uses light rays...

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Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra 3 Algebra 4 Geometry 1
Electricity 1 Electricity 2 Electricity 1&2 Optics 1 Optics 2 Mechanics 3

Soon, the marks (grades/results) obtained by the student who works with Evalutel titles will be recorded, displayed and compiled at all levels.

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